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with nathasya o. m.


Hi, I'm Nathasya - a GUIDE & MENTOR for women who are on their healing and/or spiritual awakening journey so they can lead a purposeful life. 


I founded AKKU Holistic Health and Holistic Rewiring Method, with the goal of educating and guiding others to live a balanced life, focusing on both the physical and emotional aspects. I specialize on teaching women to heal from past emotional trauma & help them access their power, which is how Holistic Rewiring Method was created. I believe in order to create a long-lasting & sustainable change, we must take a look at a person in all aspects: mind, body, & soul. I look forward to working with you soon!



Working straight with the subconscious mind.

Areas of focus:

  • Clearing emotional blockages

  • Forgiveness

  • Healing after a break-up/separation of a relationship

  • Letting go of someone 


A customized & comprehensive program to teach women how to recover from emotional past trauma and release toxic patterns, so they can access their power and manifest more abundance into their life. 

This can be done both in-person & online.


Receive powerful energy healing sessions to help move stuck energies and emotional blockages. 


I use Usui Reiki, breathwork, and sound alchemy to guide you through this healing process.


Nathasya will take you onto an experience to connect with your inner self, experiencing both stillness & movement, whether you are a beginner or an expert. This practice promotes self-growth and healing. Practice living in the present moment. 
Sattva Himalayan Kundalini Yoga is an integrative approach to yoga. It incorporates pranayama (breath work), meditation, kriyas, laya, freedom movement, transcendental wisdom & Hatha Vinyasa.


Immerse yourself in wellbeing practices & adventures, with Nathasya as your guide. Each retreat has a unique theme, but all ultimately lead to guiding you to LET GO and LOVE YOURSELF again. You will leave with practical tools to apply in your daily lives. Check out where the retreats are being held!


— Nashantara, Travel Agent, Curaçao
(Grief, Being Self-Aware, Gain Self-Confidence)

"Nathasya is very positive, kind, and compassionate. Always listening, inspiring, and motivating me to focus on my goals. 

She also understands and tries in relating to others, not being judgmental at all.

I am grateful for her and having had this experience because she is supportive and inspiring. 

The most significant overall change that I have noticed since beginning to work with Nathasya is self-confidence and laying some worries to rest. Most impactful were the hypnotherapy sessions which turned out to release emotional blockages."

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