Change your PHYSIOLOGY to change your PSYCHOLOGY

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The Struggle

When we experience a traumatic experience, may it be Big T (War, Abuse, Neglect) or little t (bullying, divorce, break-ups, medical illness, natural disasters, financial worries, etc.), it impacts more than just our thoughts and actions, it gets stored in our bodies.


Many of us were taught to suppress our emotions and be "strong". When we do this, we are not allowing ourselves to feel and heal, and it could potentially manifest into a more serious illness or physical pain.


Or we may read a lot of books and do a lot of cognitive work.

But we cannot forget that we are a whole integrated being.

Breathwork is one of the most powerful tools we can do to shift our physiology and psychology, without needing anything else other than you and your breath.


It is a safe and effective process that involves a controlled breathing technique to help you RELEASE what no longer serves you.

Here are some of the benefits:

  • Regulate your emotions

  • Heal emotional wound and trauma

  • Detoxify your mind and body

  • Helps to quiet the chattering mind

  • Access the subconscious mind, our feeling mind & release what no longer serves you so you can return to your true authentic self

  • Increase self-awareness and connects you with a deeper part of the Self

  • Gain clarity and improve intuition

Everything is energy. Emotion = energy in motion.


When we are doing controlled breathing exercises, we are tuning in to the life force energy, which is what 'pranayama' in yoga essentially means.


By practicing breathwork, we are pouring life force energy into us, helping us to move any stagnant energy stored in the body.

After having learned Himalayan Kundalini yoga (the pranayamas & kriyas) and Rebirthing Breathwork, I have created my own style of breath therapy, 360Breath.


360Breath is essentially a mix of the different breathing techniques that I have learned and experienced along with sound accompaniment, and other healing modalities that I have learned, in order to create a more holistic experience for you and help you release the things that are keeping you stuck.

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