Imagine if... finally broke free of your old negative patterns and live your life’s purpose with ease and confidence... knew exactly how to calm your thoughts and regulate your emotions at any moment, so you could enjoy your day and go through it with courage, confidence, and clarity... had more energy to invest in your career, studies, relationships, and own interests... were serving from a cup full of love instead of an empty cup discovered the sense of self-respect and inner peace to the moment that it strengthened your relationships...

 ...without endless hours of therapy, medications, or feeling exhausted and lost of seeking information from different resources?

Hi, I'm

I founded Holistic Rewiring Method and AKKU Holistic Health. I'm a Somatic Trauma Coach & Holistic Therapist. I specialize in helping leaders to heal from their emotional trauma through mind, body & soul work. I know what it's like to feel lost seeking for answers to “fix” the self and wanting to break free from old negative patterns, in order to have healthy relationships, strong mind, healthy body, and soul, and operate from the highest potential.


I am a trauma survivor of sexual abuse that happened when I was 7-8 years old. I saw how the pain that I carried was sabotaging my relationships, career and my overall health. I had held the trauma in my body, which weakened my immune system.


During my healing journey, I went to psychologists, psychiatrists, healers, tried eating healthy, exercised, took medications, read different personal development books and traveled, but I learned a hard lesson: you think you are doing all the right things, but you have to be willing to heal, get to the ROOT cause, and receive ACCOUNTABILITY & GUIDANCE and IMPLEMENT.

So I set off on a mission to learn everything I could about healing emotional trauma through a holistic approach, addressing the mind, body, and soul, in an effort to rise above my trauma and live my fullest potential. And NOW, I teach other leaders around the world how to do the same, so they can live their life's purpose with confidence.


I have learned from some of the greatest masters, mentors, teachers, and gurus. I was then able to break free from my old negative patterns, transcend my trauma, and lead a conscious life of confidence, optimal health and balance --all without taking medications. And people started to ask for advice, support, and tools they can implement to heal holistically.


After 6 years on my personal healing journey and 3 years guiding leaders on their transformation journey as a Holistic Health Therapist & Coach, I've perfected a program to teach my signature methodology that has allowed me to experience confidence, clarity, bliss, and strength at the deepest level. That's how Holistic Rewiring Method was born!


I have found that my system works best for these 3 groups of people: 

  1. Conscious leaders who have experienced emotional trauma and are looking to find peace and healing through a holistic, integrated, and spiritual approach, so they can have healthy relationships, live their purpose and have optimal health.

  2. Spiritual/Conscious entrepreneurs looking to be more effective in their business, break free from the imposter syndrome/self-sabotage/perfectionism, cultivate sustainable energy, and align with their purpose.

  3. Driven women & men whose emotional/mental health is affecting their physical health, work, and/or relationships.


I understand what it's like being a trauma survivor, having had a trauma that sabotaged my life, career, relationships, and health, so I am passionate in giving you the practical and powerful tools to rewire your mind, body, and soul.

I use the combination of my knowledge, personal experience, and intuition to help you rise.

You will not only receive information, but you will be able to implement what you've learned every week.

Receive private 1-on-1 sessions once a week, and UNLIMITED accountability support via text or email.

Have access to educational and motivational videos every week.

Learn how to hack your mindset and overcome the mental blocks. 

Learn how to use the natural power of your body to heal itself.

Learn the brain-gut health connection and the foods that promote brain health.

Get to the root cause and learn to transform pain into power, so you can be in alignment with your purpose.

Learn and implement  powerful breathwork practices for emotional trauma and brain health.

Learn how to integrate healing through 5 levels of consciousness: physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and energetically.

I believe the keys to long term health success are creating sustainable habits and an unshakeable belief system.


Week 1: Awareness & Feel it to Heal it 

Emotional Regulation: You will learn how to regulate the nervous system based on the Polyvagal Theory and how to move from our body's automatic trauma responses to a more balanced emotional state. Checking in with your mind, body & soul (Full Holistic Assessment). Feeling your way in and learn the somatic grounding tools on how to bring yourself to safety in the here and now. 


Week 2: Mapping out the Root Cause

Discover the root cause of what's keeping you stuck that stems from your trauma, limiting beliefs, survival patterns and fears.


Week 3: Reprogram the Subconscious Mind

Become familiar with the subconscious mind. Here you will be guided to shed deeper layers and old-programming through hypnotherapy.


Week 4: Attachment Styles & Trust 

Find out why you are attached to certain people, things, etc. Learn how to create secure attachments.

Week 5: Healthy, Safe Relationships & Communication

Learn how to create strong healthy boundaries, ways to communicate non-violently, and how to self-regulate and co-regulate.


Week 6: Deep Inner Work

Connect with the different parts of the self, reparent your inner child, and shadow work.


Week 7: Movement is Medicine 

Changing your physiology to change your psychology. Here you will be guided into more breath & movement exercises, and Trauma Release Exercises (TREs) to release stored trauma/stuck emotions in the body.

Week 8: Your Soul's Purpose

As you are releasing your trauma, you are getting to clarity and getting in touch with your intuition. What is really your truth vs. your fear? Since purpose is what moves all of us, here we find out what is your authentic code and soul's purpose.


Week 9-12: Embodying Resilience

Integrating and embodying everything you have been shown. Embodying resilience! With the aim of building a strong foundation as you continue on your journey in this life.



Holistic Rewiring Method

Holistic Rewiring Method is a 90-day, high-touch coaching program that gives you 1-on-1 support to help you recover from your unhealed trauma and achieve your specific goals in a way that jives with your busy schedule.
You will receive:

  • 8 weeks of detailed curriculum + 4 weeks of integration​

  • Weekly one-on-one coaching sessions 

  • Daily support via text or email (Monday-Friday)

  • Access to practical tools & somatic exercises online (access through a mobile app & website)

  • Breathwork & movement to release stuck emotions

  • Personalized guided meditation & hypnosis recordings

  • Energy healing (bonus)

  • Numerology Soul Reading for Purpose & Business (bonus)



Click the button below to join the waitlist and we will get on a call together. On the call, I’ll get to know you, ask some questions about your healing and empowerment journey, and learn about your goals.


At the end of our call, 1 of 2 things will happen: You’ll either be a perfect fit, and I will extend an invitation to work with me as one of my clients... 

Or, if it's not a good fit, that’s totally okay too. There won’t be any hard feelings and NO obligations on your part — I will suggest something else you can do to achieve your goals, and point you in the right direction.


Let’s do this!