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there is life beyond trauma


Somatic Trauma Coach, Breathwork Teacher, Hypnotherapist, Modern Medicine Woman, Your New Bestie and Host of the Podcast 'Resilient Chat with Nat'.


At rock bottom, I found my calling to do the work of helping others recover from their past trauma, which led me to my healing journey. And now, after going through my own personal experience of abuse & trauma, I am now guiding conscious leaders to release their emotional trauma through mind, body & soul connection,
so they can finally be free & thrive in their life.

I combine both ancient (from the yogic teachings) and modern (e.g. neuroscience, Polyvagal Theory, Attachment Theory) teachings in my work. With a background in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Neurolinguistics, Somatic, Sattva Himalayan Kundalini Yoga, Usui Reiki, Rebirthing Breathwork, TREs (Trauma Release Exercises), Integrative Nutrition, and Coaching, I coach men & women around the world, hold private healing sessions and lead transformative workshops worldwide.


 The most comprehensive 1:1 Somatic Trauma Coaching program to help WOMEN & MEN release their emotional trauma, so they can finally be free & THRIVE in their life. You will receive Nathasya's fullest attention & support.

This can be done either in-person or online. Loc


This is a body-mind practice. Receive powerful breath therapy sessions to help you release what's keeping you stuck and return to wholeness.


After being trained in Himalayan Kundalini Yoga, Rebirthing Breathwork and Somatic Tools, I have integrated the styles into creating a more holistic experience. In the session, you will be guided into a journey with controlled breathing technique, accompanied by music, and at the same time receive energy healing.


I lead conscious & transformational workshops with different themes each time. Depending on the workshop, we like to integrate breathwork, energy healing, EFT, ceremonial cacao, meditation, chanting, and intuitive movement therapy.


— Nashantara, Travel Agent, Curaçao
(Grief, Being Self-Aware, Gain Self-Confidence)

"Nathasya is very positive, kind, and compassionate. Always listening, inspiring, and motivating me to focus on my goals. 

She also understands and tries in relating to others, not being judgmental at all.

I am grateful for her and having had this experience because she is supportive and inspiring. 

The most significant overall change that I have noticed since beginning to work with Nathasya is self-confidence and laying some worries to rest. Most impactful were the hypnotherapy sessions which turned out to release emotional blockages."

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