My Approach

To approach an issue, we must first take a look at the root cause, taking in mind that we are all unique individuals. I believe we all have the ability to heal ourselves and find the answer we need within us. I merely guide and facilitate the process. Along the way, I will give you some tools that I believe could be helpful for you.


A holistic approach to health is taking a look at a person as a whole, taking into account all of the factors that affect a person's health:


Food - Relationships - Career - Physical Exercise - Spiritual Practice



It is the connection of the body, mind and soul, and creating a balance between them.


People seek happiness. But what is happiness?

Take a moment and think what is happiness to you.


Happiness to me is when we have truly accepted both the bad and the good within us.


As each individual is different, I will create a method that I believe will work the best for you. We will go at your pace.


Also depending on which service you are comfortable with, the style and tools given will vary. To go in more detail of my approach, click under the service page you desire. 


All in all, at AKKU, we will focus on you, to create a balanced lifestyle.

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