Tropical Smoothie

It is:

  • Naturally sweet

  • Creamy

  • Smooth

  • A hint of nutty-flavour

  • Comforting

  • Delicious

  • And such beautiful colours!!

Not too long ago, we decided to check out the vegan fair by VeggieWorld.

I was a little bit disappointed because it was smaller than I expected. Also they had only about 3 to 4 food stalls, so when it was lunch time, the lines were super long. On top of it, those food stalls were mostly vegan fast food like vegan burger, vegan hot dog, vegan burrito, etc. So I was not very impressed. I think it is also because in Barcelona, the vegan market is not as huge as the vegan market in London or Paris, for example. At least not yet. Nevertheless, I am glad we went because now we know and got to discover some of the vendors in Spain. There was a booth by 'Sol y Fruta', which is a company who produces and sells organic tropical fruits and vegetables! They grow their vegetables in the tropical coast of Spain (South of Spain), near by Granada.

Coming from Indonesia, I love tropical fruits and especially mangoes. They had different kinds of mangoes and I was a very happy girl. So I bought a few mangoes and a starfruit. If you don't know what a starfruit is, I'd recommend you to Google it to see how it looks like. They are the yellow stars on the recipe picture. In Indonesia, starfruits are called belimbing. And as a kid, I used to love eating them for the taste as well as for their beautiful star-shaped!

So the mangoes were very juicy, sweet and aromatic. However, the starfruit was not too flavourful like how it is in Indonesia. Regardless, it makes my smoothie bowls very beautiful.

And the secret ingredient of the smoothie itself?

*drum roll please*

Purple sweet potato! So no, what gives its pink colour is not pitaya powder or berries.

I used my left over mashed purple sweet potato and put it in the smoothie. Mixed with mango and banana, it turned out to be pink.

My husband said its creamy texture reminds him of yoghurt. He is my recipe taster and he validated this smoothie bowl. So I hope you enjoy this recipe! I am sure if you give it to your kids, they will love it.


Serves 2


1 cup of plant-based milk (coconut milk would be best)

1 cup of mashed purple sweet potato

1 frozen mango

1 frozen banana

A pinch of cinnamon

A small pinch of nutmeg


Slices of starfruit

Shredded coconut


Blend all of the ingredients until smooth in a blender. Top with toppings of your choice and serve immediately!


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